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To our beloved Sponsors, Foster Parents and Supporters about 20110311 Earthquake

To our beloved Sponsors, Foster Parents and Supporters,

    With love and prayer please accept my heartfelt sympathy to the victim and their families. I hope and pray that God will lift up the lives of the affected and shower his blessings.

    I’ve just arrive from the Philippines when the earthquake struck Tohoku Area.

    I was shocked, my heart breaks to see how strong and how the tsunami hits all the houses and buildings in the area. I can’t believe what I have seen.

    I can do nothing but pray and cry to the Lord for the safety of the people living there especially children and the elders. I called up our sponsors who are living there. Thank God they are safe. I’ll go back to the Philippines on the 26th, I’ll do what I can to send help to the victim. This is now the time that we can express our gratefulness to the Japanese people who helped us for almost 24 years.

Love and Prayer,
Naomi Tsuino