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NEHA / Negros Educational Helping Activities Inc. / Philippines


    Project- providing education (click), Kindergarten, Pre-school and High School in Negros, Aid and relief, swine raising, Libraries, Computer training, wheelchairs, Christmas Gift, Raising awareness of local culture

Our way to support:

    In Negros Philippines we currently support 800 children enrolled in 20 schools. Accredited by the Department of Education and Christian education is provided. Schools are managed by the Government, private sector and Church school. Students are allowed to go private school provided it less expensive and near their homes to save paying buses. In the city of Bacolod we have one school, donated by Japanese organization and individuals. Needy children were given free tuition and school supplies. We will build our own High school building this year with the help of AEA, NPO MEGUMI school project association, Children Music assistance and Kamogawa town.

    Some children were being forced by their weak and old parents to stop schooling and go to work, however we provide free school and school supplies many of the parents decided to send their children to school to learn to read and write.


Negurosu Kyoiku Sato-oya Undo Takarazuka-Kai (Japanese only) Negros Educational Helping Activities Inc.