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NEHA / Negros Educational Helping Activities Inc. / Philippines

from the President

To the Foster Parents, Members & Donors,

    Your past generosity has been most helpful in continuing the scholarship program of NEHA Inc. in the Philippines. The fight against the illiteracy is long and hard and never ending. Recent research breakthroughs, however, do give us some hope that future generations of children may be spared the illiteracy and unemployment problem.
We have done much with the funds available. We have 450 scholars, 30 children in the day care center, and training center for those who respond to our heartfelt assistance, and although slow, the results are so rewarding.
    We sincerely ask you for another generous contribution to continue this essential work.
    We believe that our sponsorship program protects the dignity of the child and the family and at the same time provides our children with a positive and beautiful way to help a needy youngster.
    I am sure you will be thankful you cared enough to share.
   Thank you so much for your endless support.


    Naomi Tsujino
    Negros Educational Help Activities