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Fund Raising


    NEHA Japan, Negurosu Kyoiku Sato-oya Undo Takarazuka-Kai offers a $12 sponsorship program for all who are unable to spend $20 or more a month to help a needy child.
And yet this is a full sponsorship program because for $12 a month you will receive:

  • a photograph of the child you are helping
  • four personal letters from your child each year
  • information of the child and a report about the country where your child lives
  • Issues of our news letters, ?hNEHA NEWS?h

    All this for only $12 a month? Yes-because NEHA Japan, Negurosu Kyoiku Sato-oya Undo Takarazuka-Kai believes that many of us would like to help a needy child. We find ways to reduce the cost without reducing the help that goes to the child you sponsor.
    To keep down the administrative costs we minimize overseas costs, our field workers live in the Island where they serve. Many volunteer their time, working at our office.
Will you sponsor a child? Your $12 a month will help provide so much:

  • a chance to attend school
  • help the child?fs family and community, to help them become self-sufficient

    A child needs your love! Send your help today. Then in a few days you will receive your child?fs name, photograph and information. May we hear from you? We believe that our sponsorship program protects the dignity of the child and the family and at the same time provides us with a positive and beautiful way to help a needy youngster.

    For more information, please visit or call,

    Many of these scholars sustained by the generosity of NEHA supporters were able to go to college and earned degrees that have greatly helped them and their families in the form of improved and greater opportunities of gainful employment.  Some of these scholars became professional teachers.
    NEHA scholars, as soon as they graduate, are in turn absorbed by the academy as teacher volunteers, helping them to qualify themselves in the profession, extending help so they can take the licensure examination.  They also acquire training and experience in the actual work of teaching applying the knowledge they learned in the teacher-training institutions they came from.  This way, they become prepared and ready to go to the actual world of teaching.  As volunteers, they avail of the rigid training program of the academy for its faculty and staff.
    The NPO MEGUMI Academy-NEHA relationship has shown how two helping entities can really work together to achieve their respective mission and vision.  Such a win-win relationship should continue and be preserved.  This country needs it badly.
    Presently, NPO MEGUMI Academy is undertaking a serious and bold step of improving the entire system if it has to keep pace with the rapidly advancing technology and ever expanding knowledge the world experiences today.  The students, the product or output of this educational system, should have the kind of training so they would effectively function and be able to adjust and meet the present world demands.  Thus, for NPO MEGUMI Academy to attain its mission, there is a great need to improve its facilities, instructional programs and establish more linkages in the community.  By itself, the academy would have difficulty meeting this need.  Since the clientele of the school come from low to middle income families, the school charges very low tuition which is never sufficient even just to meet the salary and wages of the personnel.
    In this regard, the school has decided to avail of the opportunity for development support extended by the Fund for Assistance to Private Education or FAPE, a government entity extending educational opportunities to poor but deserving students of the community.  We would like students from lower economic stratum of society to have access to quality education that NPO MEGUMI Academy provides.  If we can register with FAPE, as their service arm, then we can accommodate these poor but deserving students.  However, before we can do that, we have to be registered in the FAPE-ESC Program scheme.  This, we are working on and encounter rigid requirement compliance in the form of required instructional facilities, tools and equipments which we have started to comply but in a very slow pace due to financial limitations.  We are running out of time.  For the much-needed teaching tools, facilities, and equipments alone, not to mention the building structures and room needs, our estimate runs to P350,000~P500,000.  This amount, if provided by the generous hearts of NEHA supporters would enable NPO MEGUMI Academy to comply with a great extent the FAPE requirements for accreditation.  Once accredited, the school can open its doors to the poor but deserving students of Bacolod City and nearby towns.
    This is an appeal for support and help in a laudable and noble purpose.  At NPO MEGUMI Academy, we pray for generous supporters to work hand in hand with us to attain our mission of QUALITY CHRISTIAN EDUCATION AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE.  Any help extended toward this end will be most appreciated and properly accounted for.
    Thank you so much in advance...MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Sincerely yours,