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Please donate us old English books and science lab apparatus!

Please send old English or Japanese books and science lab apparatus to NPO MEGUMI Academy or NEHA Philippines!

From NPO MEGUMI Academy

An inspection conducted by the Department of Education shows that NPO MEGUMI Academy, in spite of its effort to provide quality education among its students, has many deficiencies in terms of physical plants and facilities. We are given only six months to comply and if we fail, it would mean termination of the scholarship program given by the government to our High School students.

Since all our High School students are scholars, termination of the scholarship program will leave most of them without a choice but to quit school and miss the opportunity of having a brighter future.

We cannot allow this to happen.  Please help us meet the requirements so that our students will be able to continue their education and enjoy a better way of life in the future.

These are what we need:

a. Science laboratory apparatus such as:
    Microscope, glass slides,  test tubes, glass funnel, surgical blades,
    Weighing scales, etc.
b.  Science equipments like:
     tables, stools,  cabinets/shelves, gas supplies, first aid kit, fire extinguishers
      fire blankets, safety shields, goggles and goggle sanitizer, heat and acid-resistance      gloves, aprons, safety/chemical inventory software

2.TLE – stoves, kitchen utensils, carpentry tools, gardening tools,  linens for kitchen and bedroom, dining wares and living room furniture.
3.Library –Books and General references books  such as encyclopedia, dictionary, local and national   maps, magazines and journals for teachers

Furniture and equipments such as: reading tables, armless chairs, charging desk, card catalogue cabinet, dictionary and atlas stand with slope and 3 shelves, vertical files and standard filing cabinets, magazine rack, storage cabinet, step stool, set of tray for 3?h x 5?h index card, cork or magnetic bulletin board, working table, cutter 16?h x 18?h sharp blades, book-truck with 3 flat shelves, typewriter, computer with printer, projector, TV, radio, cassette, tape player, video player,  glass shelves with safety lock 
Thank you very much and we are truly looking forward for any assistance you could extend to us.

Sincerely yours,


We got 2nd grade

Please send to:

or NPO MEGUMI Academy.Inc.

105, Greenplains, Bacolod City
Philippines, 6100
Tel: +63-34-708-8212/434-9464