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Philippines Typhoon Rescue in Panay and Sagay, Negros

All NEHA fosterchildren are safe!

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Sagay Relief Mission (Yolanda Victims)
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NEHA Foundation Relief Mission
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578 photos in Panay, Philippines, damaged by Yolanda or Haiyan and NEHA Relief team
Anybody can see them on youtube.

Some of the photos from NEHA joins Operation:Lift a Burden for the 2nd time
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Sunday, November 17, 2013 11:55 AM

helping our brothers and sisters in faith in the neighboring towns going to Aklan

DSWD Disaster Mitigation and Response Situation Map : Centered Iloilo, Panay

TV Patrol Panay| ABS-CBN Regional Network Group

Some of the photos from NEHA joins Operation:Lift a Burden for the 2nd time
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Sunday, November 17, 2013 11:55 AM

helping our brothers and sisters in faith in the neighboring towns going to Aklan

Naomi Parcon Tsujino-->Neha Phils
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Saturday, November 16, 2013 0:25 AM

At last! Got this message from Grace. First communication from her since Thursday.

[2:23:21 PM] Helen Grace Longno: A Brief Report

NEHA Foundation joins Operation:Lift a Burden Iloilo Capiz, Aklan

The situation here in Capiz and Aklan and their neighboring towns can be described as worst as the situation in Davao, minus the boulders that claimed lives in Andap. Most of the establishments and houses lost their roofs, some were really wiped out, leaving only the concrete floor. You can see residents staying in their "houses" trying to secure what was left of it there. You can't stop yourself from being teary eyed upon seeing their children watching and waiting for help to come. The threat of dengue also post a problem. These children endure the situation with their parents hoping and believing that their houses will be rebuilt soon. Although, the concentration of the relief missions in our country are focused more on our LEYTE victims, we are happy to see other groups making relief mission trips here in Panay. In some way or another, the people here are also getting the attention.
Early on, when we were traveling, the highways and main streets are still blocked with trees and electrical posts and we are wondering how long will it take for the government to start the clean up here. Some posts can be a threat to the travelers especially that it can probably collapse anytime. Yolanda left a great devastation in Panay which is still very much apparent until now that if you asked the survivors, it feels like they are still trying to wake up from a bad dream. Some tried to salvage their belongings, but there were many who were not able to. The gust of wind and heavy rains caused all these mayhem.
A particular family that we interviewed lost 99% of their house including the church and their kindergarten that held preschool classes to 50 pupils. This is not the first church that we visited and suffered the same fate.
We are hoping that more help will come in. We are pleading to all to send support in anyway you can. In this trip, we were only able to bring 500 sheets of galvanized iron, 350 packs of goods and 25 huge black plastic of used clothing. Yes, these are not enough but then this will help families get by for one or 2 days. For those who would like to support our cause, please contact NEHA Foundation at 433 4121 or 0999 352 3911 or 0923 465 3585. We will greatly appreciate any support we can extend to the victims of Yolanda.
“Love in our hearts is not put there to stay. Love is not love till you give it away.”

Naomi Parcon Tsujino -->I LOVE NEHA Foundation

Friday, November 15, 2013 12:29

Just now I've talk with Grace the leader of NEHA Foundation and Megumi Rescue Team. They are staying in Aklan. Good thing there is a Baptist Church who allowed them to take a rest. They distributed the goods thru churches to make sure that our help will go directly to the survivors. Grace took a lot of pictures to show us but there is no electricity and Internet to use.


NEHA Japan Please tell her to ask other group to use their battery.
Friday, November 15, 2013 12:42

Naomi Parcon Tsujino i don't think there is any group near them Capiz and Aklan both are big provinces, i heard they saw a small group on their way but any of hem can't stay longer because they were alarmed that NPA is just nearby looking for food too and it is very dangerous
Friday, November 15, 2013 14:57

NEHA Japan I know they are in danger enough to leave there soon.
Friday, November 15, 2013 17:19

Email from Naomi Parcon Tsujino facebook

Thursday, November 14, 2013 6:22

4:00 AM today NEHA Foundation went to Iloilo, so sad because we are not prepared, no fund to buy
the things needed but we tried to get;

caned food     -  700 cans
noodles           -  720 packs
water               -  25 gallons
galvanize iron -  50 pcs

Lift a Burden donated
Rice                  -   900 kilos

We need to help, please try to ask for donations.

Email from Naomi Parcon Tsujino facebook

Thursday, November 14, 2013 1:48 AM

4:00 am NEHA Foundation will go to Iloilo to bring relief goods together with Lift a Burden, Binicuil, Bacolod FBC, please pray for their safety

Email from Naomi Parcon Tsujino facebook

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 12:46 AM

We are going to bring; Rice, noodles, caned food, water and the most expensive one is Galvanize.

Rice ------------------------- 2,200/ sacks (50 kilos)
Galvanize Roof -----------   234/ pc
Noodles ------------------------12/pc
water  --------------------------15/ bottles
Canned Food ----------------- 25/can

if you can do something to call for help, please do.
The damage is almost 10 times bigger than Guihulngan.
I know that we have no fund for this calamity but please try.
We have to help, we can't just close our eyes.

Actually I did try to close my eyes but it's imposible.
Please do something.

Naomi Parcon Tsujino facebook

Nov/12/2013 23:28

This Thursday NEHA Foundation Inc., will go to Iloilo, Capiz and Aklan to bring relief goods from our Foster Parents, Sponsor Father and Donors from Japan,

we are calling all our Coordinators, Foster Children, Scholars, Megumi Academy and Megumi Informaion Technology Center

to please send your help to NEHA Foundation Inc.

or call us at 433-4121 and 708-8212,

please look for Jonalyn and Grace

Email from NEHA Phiklippines

Nov/12/2013 15:25

For now our fast action to provide these relief goods is to purchase them, so please know that we also accept cash donations. Again, the date that we will leave for our first relief mission is on thursday, and procurement day is tomorrow, Wednesday. We can definitely wait for more goods or donations to come. These can be used in the relief missions that will follow. facebook

Email from NEHA Phiklippines

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 12:24 PM,

We will join the distribution ourselves. Sending the goods directly on site might impede proper distribution. NEHA Philippines will be the point of contact for this matter. Currently, the victims are a bit aggressive in asking for their relief goods so we need to work with the appropriate people, ex: Operation:LAB team or the Army. facebook

Email from NEHA Phiklippines

Nov/12/2013 10:24

How are you?

I'm sure you have learned about the typhoon that just left our country.. and with another one coming this week.

We were hoping that you can help us reach out to the kind hearts of our Japanese friends and ask for support to the victims of this tragedy. We have one team in Negros moving out this weak to go to Capiz and Aklan and distribute goods there. This is the team that we usually tie up with in cases like this because they have the manpower and the system. What

 they ask from us are usually the following:

                                 Items for house repairs like galvanized iron for the roof, nails, lumber etc.

                                 Food sources, like rice, water, canned foods, packed noodles       

                                 Clothing, blankets, first aid kits and anti mosquito items

We hope that you can reply to this email immediately on what action you plan to take.

We will highly appreciate all the help we ca get from you. facebook